Domestic and international promotion activity

Promotion activities

  • Organization of participation in trade fairs, representation of companies,
  • Organization of B2B meetings
  • Organization of business forums,
  • Organization of business delegations
  • Promotional opportunities,
  • Organization of thematic meetups.
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Project proposal preparation

Project proposal preparation

We offer a service of proposal preparation, which covers all relevant steps and activities necessary to the submission of proposals. We provide complex services to our customers for their application for funding and at the same time flexibly adjust the content of the service to the capabilities and needs of the Client.

The purpose of the proposal preparation activity is to analyze developments and project ideas and to elaborate them in detail resulting in a professional documentation that supports project owners in decision making in the most appropriate way, both during the preparation and the implementation phases.

The service includes project design, preparation of studies and organization of proposal writing activities, selection and co-ordination of experts involved in the work (public procurement, designers, other experts). During the preparation process of the proposal, we always aim at analysing the project proposal in the most extensive way, including the compilation of the optimal modes of financing and the planning of sustainable and efficient operation.

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Project management

Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. provides operational support for the management, controlling and auditing for the entire duration of both domestic and international projects, from the start of the projects to their completion.

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Project audit


Implementation of projects may impose specific tasks on the organization of the enterprise. This is especially true for projects with EU funding. Our recommended service can substantially reduce the risks of implementation, relieving management of such enhanced supervision, and greatly reduce potential negative financial impacts.

In the interests of the Client, we examine the conditions affecting the performance of the given project with great efficiency, whether external or internal.

    Our services offered:
  • project audit of EU funded projects
  • process audit
  • audit of the organization.

Project Audit of EU funded projects

Beyond the primary professional performance of the project, compliance with the conditions of the call for proposal is a determining factor. This is equally true for the project plan and the costs and organizational solutions of the proposal. The progress and implementation of the project requires complex administration, which occasionally demands the revision of the applied framework.

The audit provides the opportunity to simplify the tasks that become tremendously burdensome, thus making the implementation of the project more traceable and reducing its exposure.

Process audit

Implementation of individual projects will in many cases depend on whether the processes defined make the organization fit for efficient and effective execution. This is especially true for a project organization established with specific purpose. Proper implementation of the appropriate processes and their flexible application during the project period may also be a question.

The recommended audit type contributes to the effective operation through a highly practical approach.

Audit of the organization

Making our organization fit for the implementation of targeted projects is a fundamental question . Do we need extra resources, how do we get control over the more complex task system, how to overcome the threats to the operation of the organization, how to optimize the necessary structure?

Maintaining the efficiency of the organization, and defining and applying far-reaching solutions may bring results beyond the scope of the project to the organization.

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Market research

Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. undertakes to conduct market surveys related to project proposals and other purposes.

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Market access services

We offer services to help enterprises to lay the foundations of their domestic and international competitiveness. The services offered in this respect include support for surveying potential markets, development of business models, business plan, marketing strategy, marketing plan related to services, projects, tenders of the enterprises.

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