Ongoing projects

Role in the projectBeneficiary
Project title„Development of framework and sector specific applications for supply chain monitoring supported by data warehouse technology, statistical methods and artificial intelligence”
Project IDGOP-1.2.1-09-2010-0004
Funding schemeEconomic Development Operational Program
Total project budget539.343.320.- Ft
Project summary

As a result of the R & D activity under the project, the SCM Control framework has been developed. The SCM Control framework is a general-purpose, multi-sector monitoring system based on business intelligence that flexibly and cost-effectively compiles the specific information needs of different sectors, and can be applied to new segments even after further development. In the framework of the project, building on the market experience and technological know-how of the owners of the company (formerly known as SCM 2009 Supply Chain Monitoring Developer, Innovation and Service Provider), and on the industry's knowledge of their cooperating partners, they created sector-specific SCM applications for the following five areas:

  • distribution of food products,
  • trade in tourism services,
  • agricultural, mainly crop production and distribution systems,
  • animal husbandry and processing, animal health, and
  • manufacture and trade of customized products.
Role in the projectLead Beneficiary
Project titleEstablishing innovation-technology platform "Checkpoint IT the community" in cooperation of Szeged-Subotica-Novi Sad
Project IDHUSRB/1602/41/0190
Funding schemeInterreg–IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary–Serbia
Total project budget464375,38 EUR
Project summaryThe project will establish a Cooperation-Communication Center for the "Checkpoint IT the Community". The center will launch an innovation-technology platform for the Checkpoint IT. The Cooperation Platform will support the high level cooperation between different actors of the communiy (business people, students, career changers, mentors, researchers, investors, founders) and adapt the solutions in a broader circle and reacting for market demands. The formed Community aims to initiate cooperation and dialogue with regional Quadruple-helix actors providing a complex portfolio of services, such as building capacities and competitiveness of the community through participation in activities. The Community will deal with the participation of SMEs, integration of young people (especially women), career changers, unemployed people from small settlements in the region, rural areas in order to interact into the high cross-border effect in ICT sector as an estimated positive regional migration effect. Supporting actions for building capacities and competitiveness of the ICT community in the cross-border region are the development of complex market-based education programme, to facilitate joint prototype develpment in the PrototypeHub (Agile IT management methodology, technology training will react for IT sector demand and it can be employed in broader circle for example Java, front-end development with e-learning webinar solutions); mentoring Checkpoint IT the Community Starter (participants will learn how to operate/manage IT company, taxation, legal issues, how to work on external market order, outsorcing, forming sister companies, etc.; Database (IT competence) model for collecting, monitoring and validate the hard and soft skills of IT professionals; establishing incubator house in Subotica, info-point setting-up in Novi Sad for Subotica IT branch, thematic equipment procurements, organization of events (meetup, tech shows, etc.) dissemination.
Role in the projectLead Beneficiary
Project titleCULTSTREAM or the new culture of water
Project IDHUSRB/1602/32/0039
Funding schemeInterreg–IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary–Serbia
Total project budget223 233 EUR
Project summaryThe CULTSTREAM is continuation of the CULTRAIL project. It is a series of cultural and multimedia events, which’s aim is to strengthen the cultural identity of the involved cities (Szeged, Kanjiza and Senta) and to develop the neighbourly connections between the inhabitants of the border-land. The programs are building upon the common historical, cultural and economical traditions of the region. Beside the introduction of these, the purpose is to introduce the contemporary art’s ambitions and artists of the region. The common issue of the several programs is the Blooming of Tisa, the new culture of water. The Festivals organised on this topic turn the river into a festival location, where the clientele could meet with the representatives of the contemporary Serbian and Hungarian literature and the musical and theatrical life. The project will be realised with sequence of the following events: Opening event, press conference, Szeged; Artist's Camp in Senta; Writers Camp in Kanizsa; The Day of Kanjiza; zEtna Festival in Senta 2018; Tolnai Laboratory; Festival of Poems Sung, Senta; Szeged-Senta-Kanjiza Tiszavirág (Blooming of Tisa) Festival; zEtna Festival in Senta 2019; Closing event, Szeged
Role in the projectBeneficiary
Project titleImprovement of Service Quality and Promotion of International Market Access for Software Innovation Pole Cluster
Project IDGINOP-1.3.2-15-2016-00001
Funding schemeInnovation and Economic Development Operative Programme (GINOP)
Total project budget65 184 546 HUF