About Us

Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. has a professional team of experts and is active at networking in the domestic ICT market. Thanks to its regional and international business network and local experts, we offer business development services to our ICT partners oriented to international markets, supporting their foreign market access.

Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. contributes to the implementation of projects generated by members of Software Innovation Pole Cluster.

The Cluster

The Software Innovation Pole Cluster was established as a result of co-operation between 19 leading software technology research centres, companies and technology transfer organizations on September 21, 2007, building on the co-operation of the industrial partners of the University of Szeged and the e-Szeged consortium.

Altoghether there are 38 members (35 companies and 3 supporting members, including 1 chamber and 2 companies).

Accreditation and qualifications

In 2009, the Cluster was awarded the Special Donated Prize of the Prestige Award, which is the special prize established by the local daily newspaper Délmagyarország and the University of Szeged, to be awarded to those entities considered to be outstanding in the local economy.

The Cluster successfully renewed its Accredited Innovation Cluster title for another 2 years in 2017..

The Cluster gained „Cluster Management Excellence Label Silver – Striving for Cluster Excellence” qualification in September, 2015, for 2 years.

Strategic focus areas of the cluster

Strategic focus areas of the Cluster have been determined on the basis of the following criteria:

  • R+D opportunities
  • Business opportunities
  • Innovative areas
  • Cluster competences
  • Synergies between functional areas
  • Openness to other professional areas

Strategic focus areas of the Cluster are:

  • Business and Administration (Governmental) informatics and artificial intelligence solutions
  • Software quality assurance
  • Application of mobile and embedded systems and Cloud computing
  • ""SMART" informatics and Big Data applications

Operation of the cluster

The Software Innovation Pole Cluster is a voluntary collaboration between software industry players and organizations interested in the development of the sector. The Cluster is an aggregation of members with equal rights, maintaining a cooperative and trusting relation with other members. The Cluster itself has no legal form and legal personality.

Following the establishment of the Cluster in 2007, the Cluster Committee and the Operative Body of the Cluster were set up. External representation of the Cluster is provided by a gestor company, GriffSoft Zrt.

The Cluster operates under the Organizational and Operational Rules, its annexes and the Code of Ethics adopted on 13 June 2008.

Cluster Committee

The Cluster's supreme decision-making body is the Cluster Committee, where representatives of the Founding Members and the Members of the Associated Members participate. In the work of the Cluster Committee, each Member is entitled and required to take part with the same rights and obligations by its Representative. The Cluster Committee will meet as necessary, but at least once a year.

In the work of the Cluster Committee, each member has one vote.

Gestor of the Cluster

The gestor of the cluster is a member elected by the Cluster Committee, whose permanent representative is entitled to the external representation of the Cluster in one person. The representative of the Gestor is also the Chairman of the Cluster's Operative Body. In addition to representation the gestor’s mission is to catalyse, manage, and control the cluster’s operation.

The gestor of the Cluster is GriffSoft Zrt.

Operative Body

The Cluster Committee is entitled to determine the number of members of the Operative Body, to select, appoint and recall its members, taking into account the suggestions of the Cluster Representative.

The implementation of the decisions of the Cluster particularly falls under the competence of the Operative Body, in addition to ensure the operation of the cluster between two Cluster Committee meetings.

Members of the Cluster's Operative Body:

  • Dr. Pál Gyenizse – president (GriffSoft Zrt., deputy director of development),
  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Gyimóthy - member (University of Szeged, Software Development Department, Head of Department),
  • Zsolt Rozenberszki - member (R&R Software Zrt., director of sales).

The daily administration and operational tasks of the Cluster are carried out by a project company on the basis of a mandate from the Operative Body in close cooperation with the members of the Cluster Member organizations. The project company’s official name is Cluster Manager.