CULTSTREAM or the new culture of water

Role in the projectLead Beneficiary
Project titleCULTSTREAM or the new culture of water
Project IDHUSRB/1602/32/0039
Funding schemeInterreg–IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary–Serbia
Total project budget223 233 EUR
Project summaryThe CULTSTREAM is continuation of the CULTRAIL project. It is a series of cultural and multimedia events, which’s aim is to strengthen the cultural identity of the involved cities (Szeged, Kanjiza and Senta) and to develop the neighbourly connections between the inhabitants of the border-land. The programs are building upon the common historical, cultural and economical traditions of the region. Beside the introduction of these, the purpose is to introduce the contemporary art’s ambitions and artists of the region. The common issue of the several programs is the Blooming of Tisa, the new culture of water. The Festivals organised on this topic turn the river into a festival location, where the clientele could meet with the representatives of the contemporary Serbian and Hungarian literature and the musical and theatrical life. The project will be realised with sequence of the following events: Opening event, press conference, Szeged; Artist's Camp in Senta; Writers Camp in Kanizsa; The Day of Kanjiza; zEtna Festival in Senta 2018; Tolnai Laboratory; Festival of Poems Sung, Senta; Szeged-Senta-Kanjiza Tiszavirág (Blooming of Tisa) Festival; zEtna Festival in Senta 2019; Closing event, Szeged