Alliance Informatikai és Innovációs Klaszter

The objective of the Cluster is to develop unique, up-to-date and marketable products within the scope of the info-communications industry. Previously software products were mainly sold independently and were implemented to make the processes of various industrial sectors more effective. By contrast, the intention of the Cluster is to put the ICT achievements to work for the development of professional processes of different sectors, as well as creating and fulfilling new user demands. In this way, new systems will emerge with new functions. The penetration of advanced technology and methods into traditional industries is incessant all over the world and market success may only be achieved with this same approach. New emphases, as well as previously unknown services and product groups, are thus created; e.g. in the field of environmental protection, health care or diagnostics. In these sectors, ICT techniques have been present from the beginning and constitute the driving force of development.

Banat IT

Banat IT is an NGO based in Timisoara, Romania and is conceived to keep the IT community connected and informed about various opportunities to drive this industry towards continuously leveraging its strengths as a major pole of IT excellence. The BIT idea and its execution are the results of the personal involvement and efforts of a small group of professionals from the local tech sector. It is not directed, endorsed or supported in any way by any local, regional, national or international public or private organization.

Distretto Agroalimentare Regionale

Il D.A.Re. scrl is the company that manages and governs the Food Technological District Its mission is to generate, share and transfer innovations through collaboration with the research world, business and finance world in order to promote scientific excellence enhance the competitive advantage of the production system, attract new investment and support policy choices.

Észak-Magyarországi Informatikai Klaszter

In June 2007, five companies signed the memorandum to establish the cluster, and now 41 companies are members of the cluster and have net sales of over HUF 18 billion annually, of which HUF 10 billion is the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises. As a confirmation of their activities, on 4 June 2010 he was awarded the title of the Accredited Innovation Cluster of the Poles Program.

European Cluser Collaboration Platform

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations with modern tools.
These tools allow to:

  • make efficient use of networking instruments (search/find potential partners and opportunities)
  • develop collaboration trans-nationally (within Europe) and internationally (beyond Europe)
  • support the emergence of new value chains through cross-sectorial cooperation
  • access the latest quality information on cluster development
  • improve their performance and increase their – as well as their members’ - competitiveness.

Információmenedzsment Innovációs Klaszter

The Information Management Innovation Cluster was founded on the 9th October, 2008 in order to support its member companies’ uniform and technology-oriented development and to enhance their competitiveness both in the domestic and international product and labor market. There are two key areas where the enhancement of competitiveness is essential:

  • Internal competitiveness: development of employee retention and training competences
  • External competitiveness: enhancement of competitiveness in the product and service market
By addressing these challenges, the Cluster intends to provide added value-enhancing services for both its founding members and new associates.

Innoskart IKT Klaszter

Innoskart ICT Cluster is an organized innovative network of cluster members consisting of regional SMEs, three universities, one nonprofit research institution and a knowledge centre.
The cluster began its activity on the 20th of July 2006 with a focus on the support of ICT SMEs’ high added value, export-oriented and innovative networking activities. Furthermore, through the fostering of specialization and cooperation the expansion of partnership between enterprises, research institutions, universities and also bridging organizations, local governments.

Mobilitás és Multimédia Klaszter

The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMCluster) was formed in 2007 with the purpose of bringing together the most dynamic actors in the field of mobile technology and new media in Central Hungary, mix and match their R&D and innovation capacities, and help the fruits of their cooperation succeed on the market. Our main objective is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in our focus areas – primarily but not exclusively mobile technologies and new media – and help our members’ world-class products thrive on the domestic and global markets.

Moravian Aerospace Cluster

The Moravian Aircraft Cluster was established in 2010 as an association of aircraft companies having as a join objective the development of competitive aircraft industry. The Cluster acts in the region of south-eastern Moravia and the center of its activities is located in Kunovice where its important member companies have their place of business, i.e. 5M, Aircraft Industries and Evektor. The Cluster consists of 22 industrial companies, aviation services companies and technical universities. More than 3000 people work in the participating companies. The overall turnover for the year 2012 exceeded € 200 mil.

Open University in Subotica

As a leader in the fields of (non)formal education and event culture in Serbia, the Open University in Subotica has been promoting and developing the concept of lifelong learning and raising the quality of cultural life in the city and in the region with great success for more than half a century. Moreover, this institution is a research and development centre which has been significantly contributing to development of the city, region and state for decades already. Finally, the Open University is a publisher with the greatest circulation of literature in the Hungarian language in Serbia..

Our business is based on 5 fields:

1. Lifelong learning;
2. Organization of cultural events;
3. Research and development;
4. Project management;
5. Publishing.

Polish Clusters Association

In accordance with its statute, the Polish Clusters Association consociates animators of economic clusters from all over Poland. It is open to accept any cluster organization and wishes to become a constant cooperation platform for clusters and their surroundings. It wishes to represent the interests of the cluster environment everywhere where actions carried out on a national scale will be needed, and to be a serious partner for the authorities on various levels.

Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry Timisoara branch

ARIES Romania iis a professional non-governmental organization, with over 360 members from around the country. The association is organized in five branches: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov and Craiova. Since September 2004, ARIES has been close to its members and partners in the Western Region of Romania through its branch in Timisoara; its main purpose is to promote and to protect the technological business field within the area. ARIES-TM comprises over 60 member companies that cover all ICT areas.

Silesian Aviation Cluster

Śląski Klaster Lotniczy - the Silesian Aviation Cluster - was founded by representatives of the aviation industry to strengthen cooperation between businesses, create optimum conditions for continuous transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions between the Cluster members not only from the aviation sector but also from other branches of science and industry. The result is increased competitiveness and development of aviation in Poland. Currently, the Cluster is composed of several dozen entities, including universities and business environment institutions.

Szilícium Mező Regionális Informatikai Klaszter

The Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster was found in 2008 by 21 members (2 higher education institutions and 19 enterprises). Actually the number of members is 31. Deployment near the university, with the help of knowledge base the IT enterprises want to attain the critical mass which makes the region an important factor of IT market. Due to the impact of development - according to the plans - Debrecen can become the country's second pole of ICT.

In the last period, the Silicon Field Cluster has been successfully applied for EU funds. As a result, a higher cooperation between the members can take place. Throughout the grant opportunities, the joint production and service activities may be based whereby joint research, development, manufacture, sales of marketable ICT products can begin in Debrecen and in the region as well. The goal is the creation of Silicon Field around the university and the region.

Únia klastrov Slovenska

The Union of Slovak Clusters (UKS) was established in 2010 as a non-profit organisation. It is the only organisation representing clusters in Slovakia. Currently, UKS has 11 members (6 of them awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence Label Bronze and 1 with Gold Label).

Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT provides a single point of contact with the best companies in Serbia, with the total workforce of 3,500 experienced IT professionals working in the member companies. Vojvodina ICT Cluster is a business association founded through a bottom-up initiative of ICT companies and several supporting institutions. It is a fast-growing organization, strongest in its field in Serbia. Over 90% of of the members’ businesses are tied to foreign markets – EU, North America and Middle East. Strong support from the University of Novi Sad adds to the strength of the cluster.